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Healthy Breathing Month

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Healthy Breathing Month Header

In addition to our great special, ‘Healthy Breathing Month’ is about us bringing you great information and resources to help you & your family to breathe easier.

We’ve got a couple of excellent fact sheets for you here from our friends over at Sensitive Choice, make sure to take a look:

Dust Mites

House Dust Mites by Sensitive Choice

Dust mites can be a serious health problem for many people that can often be prevented through the use of a quality dehumidifier. Reduce the moisture levels in your home to remove ideal breading conditions for these nasties! Quality air purifiers can also do a great job of cleaning your air of these little critters.



Allergy Triggers

Know Your Triggers by Sensitive Choice

This one has some great information all about Allergy Triggers, including those from our furry friends! Several of these such as dust mites & mould can be prevented through the use of a quality dehumidifier. A high quality air purifier can prove a life-saver for many of us with allergies by actively cleaning these allergy triggers right from your air!

Thanks Sensitive Choice!

For more about Ausclimate’s National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice approved NWT Dehumidifier & WINIX Air-Purifier range, give us a visit at


Healthy Breathing Month Special

For the month of March, we are proud to be offering an EXTRA 10% OFF* our already reduced Ausclimate website special sale prices store-wide when you mention “Healthy Breathing Month”.

This rare special is our way of helping to provide much-needed relief to our customers by making it a little easier to get products that can make a real health difference into the hands of those who can use them most!

To take advantage of this offer, please visit the Ausclimate website to view our full range of dehumidifiers & air purifiers, then call us on 1800 122 100 (freecall), making sure to mention “Healthy Breathing Month” when placing your order.

Offer Fine Print:

*Offer eligible when mentioned during over-the-phone orders only for the month of March 2018. 10% off all current listed Ausclimate website prices for Ausclimate over-the-phone orders only. Offer not eligible on previous orders, offers not to be combined. Commercial range & accessory products not included in 10% off offer.


Stay tuned to this space throughout ‘Healthy Breathing Month’ for more great information and resources to help you & your family to breathe easier.


Russell Bryan
Ausclimate Co-founder

visit the website:

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